About Us

The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed the expectations of our students and staff, while impacting the way our education and digital education tools are being delivered and managed.


To support learners, staff and stakeholders, institutes need to deploy digital tools for vocational training that support quality and inclusive education, increases operational efficiency and optimises the interactions between the institute and its students and staff using technology.


However, there is a need to:


  • Further develop leadership driven and articulated digital strategy and enhance digital culture and mindset to support technology integration in vocational colleges.
  • Alter or develop new operating models that embrace experimentation and collaboration to optimise the digital journey of students, teacher, trainers and industry.
  • Develop the skills and capabilities amongst staff to realise digital ambitions
  • Enable scalable and multimodal digital capability.


By strengthening the efficiency of VET's Digital Transformation, the ADMiC project will provide an open and collaborative environment for vocational college staff across the EU to access online support tools and resources that will increase innovation across the sector, by enhancing the quality and relevance of learning and teaching.

Our project will support the development of competences in:

  • Digital Strategy & Leadership
  • Developing a Digital First Culture
  • Optimising Digital Skills and Capabilities 
  • Data and Decision Making
  • Developing Collaborative Ecosystems
  • Digital Impact and Value