6 partners from 4 EU states have worked together to produce a Self-Assessment Tool to assess your digital maturity, and to show how you can enhance your approaches to creating or optimising your digital strategy, digital culture and the resources and infrastructure.

The project team have developed joint curricula to upskill VET staff in the skills and competences required to accelerate digital transformation. This open educational resource (OER) will increase accessibility to digital resources in the key areas of;

Scotland’s ‘super-college’ is delivering a new era of civic and economic support, supporting 8000 skilled graduates a year.

The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute) is the only UK professional body for innovation.

CIFP Miguel Altuna LHII (MA) is a public Higher Specific Vocational Training centre created in 1928.

Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia is a multidisciplinary education provider on the upper secondary education level.

ROC Noorderpoort plays an important role in further developing a confident, strong, and inviting regional workforce.

ROC A12 has over 6,000 students, divided into MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education) and VMBO (Preparatory Vocational Education).