Best Practice Guide

Our Best Practice Guide (BPG) explores pan-European barriers and solutions to implementing key interventions required to optimise technology within the teaching and management of learning in vocational colleges.

Providing case studies and detailed information on the key elements of digital transformation, our guide examines common causes of failure to embrace digital within vocational college operating models, limiting agility, experimentation and collaboration.

  • Our guide will provide practical advice on how to design and implement systematic and robust actions within your strategic digital planning, enabling digital transformation and enhancing digital maturity within your institution.
  • These guides will cover key topics including; Digital Strategy & Leadership, Developing a Digital First Culture, Optimising Digital Skills and Capabilities, Data and Decision Making, Developing Collaborative Ecosystems and Digital Impact and Value.
  • Our guides will be focused on how digital technologies can support the delivery of quality and inclusive education through virtual means.
You can access our interactive Best Practice Guide here, which offers guidance on how to implement a range of strategies to drive agility, experimentation and collaboration in the deployment of digital transformation, or click on the image below.